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The ghost town of Monte Cristo

This morning at work the past Summer replayed in my mind. So much happened in a short period of time. Then I come back to my surroundings. Working under huge silver firs. They stand majestically, long past a human life, until they too crumble into dirt. When I step outside of my own mental chatter… Continue reading The ghost town of Monte Cristo

trail construction

Indian Creek Trail

Completing a project gives me a lot of joy. The view of these two bridges and large timber wall almost done this week in Hood River. August heat is joyfully oppressive with sweat dripping off the tips of our noses. I’m grateful that I have been raised in a family business that provides opportunities to… Continue reading Indian Creek Trail

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Twin Oaks Trails and my mom

This is a picture of my mom, Krista in the early 1980's. The amount of dedication that she and my dad have put in over nearly 40 years of trail building business is what inspires me to push so hard every day. I'm grateful for all that she continues to do to help out as… Continue reading Twin Oaks Trails and my mom

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I live on the land where I was raised. The smell of the soil is familiar to me. I can walk the pathways without light in the dark. I have created relationships with the trees and the slope of the ground. The sound of the highway and the way wind whistles through those 100 ft… Continue reading Home