trail construction

Indian Creek Trail

Completing a project gives me a lot of joy. The view of these two bridges and large timber wall almost done this week in Hood River. August heat is joyfully oppressive with sweat dripping off the tips of our noses.

I’m grateful that I have been raised in a family business that provides opportunities to give all of ourselves on a regular basis. A grounding force in life for me is to work together with a team creating durable long lasting products that encourage others to get outside. I’m incredibly honored to be working with my mom and dad in this capacity.

My parents come from a long line of farmers and woods workers. They built their first trail in 1979. I am grateful for the dynasty they have methodically built over decades. Its helped provide outdoor access to countless people around the Pacific Northwest.

Today we are surrounded by this beautiful forest along the Indian Creek in Hood River. We are in town but it feels like we are in the deep forest far away from city streets. Its a wonderful feeling.

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