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I live on the land where I was raised. The smell of the soil is familiar to me. I can walk the pathways without light in the dark. I have created relationships with the trees and the slope of the ground. The sound of the highway and the way wind whistles through those 100 ft pines. I have come to value our shared history of 30 years living next to the same people. Our friends. #home

I realize that I am trying to explain something deeper than words about living here. There is a spot in my heart that knows this is home. Home. Its a place I envision living out my life. Raising a family. Watching the world go by. The gratitude I have for this land is difficult to put into words.
We come from a family, generations old that has earned their income from working outside. While I have tried living in the city, and traveled a bit…my hometown of 2,200 people next to a giant river, in the Pacific Northwest is where I day dream and grow. This land is apart of my identity.

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