trail construction

Canemah Bluff Trail wrap up


There is a Spring like warmth to the air as frogs serenade my dad and I tonight. We are putting the finishing touches on our project in Oregon City. The Canemah Bluff Natural area overlooks Willamette Falls and the monolithic crumbling buildings of the former Mill on the eastern banks of the majestic river. Change is all around me in 2016 both in my professional and family life. The preciousness of each moment is cradled by this beautiful 330 acre park, this historical town and local region. #twinoakstrails
Oregon City has a long history in the American West. From before recorded time Native Americans have used the area for trade and living. The European Americans settlers used the town as the official end of the Oregon Trail. Today there is evidence of this grand history amidst a city working hard to find it’s modern identity. #twinoakstrails
Staying with local friends in Oregon City has been super awesome. We have had an insiders view into the town and some of its history and now with our project mostly finished we look forward to returning to this town as guests. #twinoakstrailsDSCN0635.JPG

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