trail construction

Time in Forests

When I slow down enough to walk in the woods and let the magic of this planet unfold around me, the psychological stresses of our internet based, modern world melt away. The sea of trees dance in the wind. Deep stillness cradles my worldly troubles.

Lessons from the forest run deep. They teach us that life is less linear and more cyclical. Our modern linear calendar describes an end. This end is ingrained into us. We fear that finite number of days we all have on this beautiful planet. But the forest reminds us that we are all apart of a larger web of life. We create nutrients for the next beings after us when we die. Energetically and physically we live on long after our physical bodies are gone. We do not end with the man made calendar.

Deeply affected, I stand and watch our human needs for lumber and resources clash with this age old wisdom of the forest. Our linear world pushes on towards an uncertain future. When I stand in a forest, the cycles of life become clear. Death and birth are not about loss and gaining. Its an unchangeable reality that one can’t be without the other. When standing in forests I’m in awe of how deep this simple message runs.

Take a moment in the woods. Breathe. Pray. Yell. Forests are such patient teachers and are available whenever we have time to stop and listen.


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