trail construction

Mid November

There is a light rain shower falling in Oregon City tonight. My #Subaru is parked in the front of our project camp. A lone streetlight illuminates our dark neighborhood like a quiet, glowing ghost. We are camped behind a locked gate, at the end of a dead end street on the edge of a 330 acre natural area. Suburbia surrounds us on three sides, industry, a river and a freeway on the other. #twinoakstrails
Writing this I am reminded at how much I love adventure. Its difficult to describe “fun” when its surrounded by mud and rain while living off the grid and pooping in a plastic house, that gets cleaned on Tuesdays. Yet here I sit, happy with my life. #twinoakstrails
In Mid November, darkening nights cradle us deep while we snuggle close. Through the ups and downs that come with any life, I’m grateful for these cold rainy nights…warm, writing this in the front seat of my car. On these trail construction projects, I feel like I am on another planet…free. #twinoakstrails

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