trail construction

Halloween Rain

My dad and I worked for a few hours on Halloween this year, building a 60 foot long rock wall on the side of an ADA accessible trail. The rain started coming down heavy towards the end of the day. With proper rain gear and good Muck Boots, working in pouring rain is almost pleasant, especially if the air is warm, like it was on Saturday. #twinoakstrails

Leaving for trick or treating with my family, the rain kept coming down. The last visual I have of my dad, is a visual that I have seen of him many times before on trail construction projects. Patiently working in the rain, getting the rocks to fit just so. There is usually mud. And a cold that creeps in when we stand still for to long. #twinoakstrails
Its an emotional thing for me to see my dad close in on retirement. He’s been that solid rock wall in our lives since before I was born in the early 1980’s. My parents business has been built and maintained with quiet, steady strength. A lifetime of working in the outdoors. A connection to our friends and family forged over decades of patient, satisfying, hard work. #twinoakstrails

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