Work Boots

After awhile the brand name on work boots starts to fade and rub off. All thats left is the quality and comfortability of the actual boot. Like when I try on new pants or t-shirts, I will seldom look in a mirror. I’m more interested in the way that they feel. In the end comfort and effectiveness take priority over the way they look, for me. #twinoakstrails
This is the second season I’ve worn these Georgia Boots. Building trails, working with rock and doing general construction work outside, I want comfort, dryness both from the outside and within and warmth. These boots although waterproof, seem to breathe the sweat from inside, well. #twinoakstrails
Wearing quality work boots has transformed my working experience. For that I am super grateful. Now that I am not worrying about my feet and how they feel, I spend my time focused on the project at hand. #twinoakstrails

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