trail construction

Dana and Andrea’s Love of Trails

Dana and Andrea typically won’t read about a trail before they hike it. The natural world is a form of spirituality for them. To maintain that sense of wonder they like to be surprised when out on a hiking trail. #twinoaksconstruction
Hiking on trails together early in their relationship helped cement their romantic connection. They were both hiking guides in the great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. There, they were able to observe seasons change and test each others limits on the trail. #twinoaksconstruction
For Dana and Andrea hiking is more about the journey. Speaking with both of them, the word connection kept coming to my mind. They are connected more deeply to each other, to their two dogs, and the world around them when they are outside. Dana and Andrea both expressed through their stories a lot of gratitude for what they have been given while hiking on trails. Its apparent they have learned a lot as people and as a couple. Trails have brought them closer to themselves. #twinoaksconstruction

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