trail construction

Katie’s Love of Trails

She’s running by herself. The air at 6am in the Columbia River Gorge is quiet, mixed with haze from the wild fires burning. Its mid August. There is the smell of dust, smoke and the sound of her shoes crunching on gravel. Her bright pink running shirt and orange shoes pop out against the brown earthly tones. #godolife
Katie is not a professional athlete. Her drive to jog, bike and explore life outside of her comfort bubble stems from a deep desire to get the most out of her short moments here on Earth. Trail running and mountain biking have provided that jolt of inspiration and adventure. She chooses on a regular basis to go do life. #godolife
The sun quickly rises over Coyote Wall. She is alone on the trail. Her cheeks are flushed and breathing steady. Her outfit is simple and comfortable. There is no one here to impress. The balance of adrenaline and deep calm courses through her body. She runs on these trails for personal sanity, which in turn allows her internal and external freedom. Trails connect her to herself. #godolife
katie running 8

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