trail construction

Luis’ Memory From a Trail


Forty years ago, in a rural part of Jalisco Mexico, Luis remembers the smell of sweat off the donkeys as they made their way for 5 hours to the mountains. They left at 3am, so the ride was mostly in the dark to gather firewood. It was a hard life, built out of a necessity to survive. He was 9 years old. #twinoaksconstruction
For five years, when he wasn’t at school, he helped a family friend collect firewood. They made the journey across a dusty trail, through corn fields and scrub brush, on the return journey by foot. Lots of sand and snakes. These early experiences on the trail instilled in Luis a sense of adventure and a strong work ethic that has become so valuable later on in his life. As his friend, I admire the long walk he has been on to arrive many years later in our quaint town in the United States. We are such a long ways from the necessity to gather firewood to make a living. #twinoaksconstruction
There is a special connection to the land that comes after long hikes on trails. Feelings that can last a lifetime, burned into our memory like a first kiss or a favorite food. Those life-long relationships are possible for each of us given the right environment. Trails have been that way for Luis. Today, they bring him closer to nature and the deep magic that sustains us all. #twinoaksconstruction

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