trail construction


My memories from our home town, White Salmon are about leaving for a job. The drive home when its finished. The breaks between jobs and resting on my parents property. The loves created and the loves lost. Even though, we are gone for long stretches of time, I wear my hometown like a beautiful scar. Deep and forever changing. It runs through my veins. #twinoaksconstruction
Trail construction has an element of vagabond and adventurer that I have come to crave. Being outside for work, and hitting the road to places unknown sends me into happy dances inside my heart. I find it challenging to be inside and in one spot for too long. #twinoaksconstruction
Our life at work has been one on the road viewing the vistas and deep relationships that are created through experience and sacrifice. Distance also hurts. I’m grateful that my parents have instilled in me the importance of sacrifice when following one’s dreams. Distance has made our love and understanding of home deeper. #twinoaksconstruction

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